There's nothing like the great outdoors, and the beauty of this area is that it has miles of country lanes winding through the open landscape. Leave the car behind, and get out on foot or bike to explore the area with its wide open skies and friendly people. Take the time to see the views and capture the moments that get lost when you travel by car. Remember to stick to the tracks and footpaths, take a map, a phone and a drink. There are plenty of routes in the area. Below are some suggestions to get you started.

Street Map of Withernsea

Street Map of Withernsea


Walking and Cycling Maps

Click on the following links for suggested routes in and arround Withernsea

Town Circular Walk, 1 3/4 miles, 2.7km

Town Circular Walk, 2 1/2 miles, 4.0km

Fields and old railway tracks, 2 1/2 miles, 4.0km

The K9 Walk, 3 miles 4.5 km


Withernsea-Holym-Railway Tracks (4.5 miles / 7 km )
Suitable for walking and cycling. Footpath or gravel path the whole way.
Follow Queen Street south . At the petrol station, take Hollym road towards Hollym. When you get to the cross roads at hollym, turn right and take the road east until you reach the old railway tracks. Turn right and follow the railway tracks back to Withernsea. The tracks end by the Millenium Green Park at the bottom of Station Road.




Withernsea-Frodingham Lane- Railway Tracks  ( 5.5 miles / 9 km)
Suitable for walking and cycling.
Head east out of Withernsea along Hull Road. Go past the cemetary, down the hill and then up the hill. At the top of the hill, take the road to the left towards Frodingham. Follow the road south until you get to a farm. Take the gravel track that goes straight on (do not follow the road round to the right) Follow the gravel track south, then east. Cross the bridge at the dike, and carry on east until you get to the old railway track. Follow the railway track north back to Withernsea.


Withernsea  to Sand-Le-Mere ( 7 miles / 11km )
Suitable for Cycling or walking. Tarmack or gravel track most of the way.
From Withernsea, head north towards Waxholme. At the top of the hill,turn right and follow the road down and through Waxholme.
Now follow the gravel trach along the cliff top. Beware of coastal errosion . Keep following the track until you reach Sand-Le-Mere caravan Park. At this point you have two options. 1) You can go down on the Beach and follow the beach back to Withernsea. Check the tides, make sure you won't get cut off before reaching Withernsea, it's further than it looks. 2) Go through the caravan park keeping to the left. You should end up at the West entrance to the caravan park. Keep following the road east, round the pond, south, then east again until you reach the main road. Follow the main road back to Withernsea. There is no footpath along the main road, so probably not suitable for young children.


Withernsea-Winestead-Patrington-Holmpton ( 13 miles / 21km )
Suitable for Cycling, tarmack the whole way, mainly on quiet country roads.
Take Hull Road east out of withernsea. Turn left into Frodingham Lane. Follow the lane to Winestead. At Winestead turn left and follow the road south to the A1033. Follow the A1033 south and then east to Patrington. At Patrington, take the right fork in the road and go through the village along Market Place,  High Street and Eastgate. Turn off to the left into Holmpton Road. Follow the road east all the way to Holmpton. At the cross roads, turn left and take the road back to Withernsea.