Other old photos

Alexandra Hotel
This is the sheriff and his posse (a body of men summoned by a sheriff to enforce the law) in front of the Alexandra Hotel in 1913. The stables were at the back. The Alex changed to The Gott Gate Inn after a refurbishment in the 80s, but changed the name back again shortly after. (thank you to Colin Hall for the info)



Municipal Buildings Withernsea
Municipal Buildings with the statue "Maritime Prowess" on the front lawn. The statue was actually the plaster model of the bronzes which adorn the Guildhall in Hull. The ravage of time, frost and sea air have destroyed it, and not a trace is left. The building itself was originally Cheverton Brown's residence. In 1986 the Withernsea town council was formed, and in 1987 the building was restored and used as the Municipal buildings. (from Jack Whittaker)




Golden Sands
Golden Sands Chalet Park, Holpton Road Withernsea



Photo of Withernsea, Golden Sands Chalet Park c1965, ref. W177070
Golden Sands Chalet Park c1965 Reproduced courtesy of Francis Frith.


Holmpton Road Camp

Holmpton Road Camp