Streets of Withernsea

(in alphabetical order)

Arthur Street
Arthur Street looking south.



Arthur Street, Withernsea
Arthur Steeet looking north (from Jack Whittaker)
This photo is taken from near the lighthouse looking towards Waxholme Road. On the left, with the flagpole, is the original Lifeboat station built in 1862 before it was moved to Seaside road in 1883.



Pier Hotel, Bannister Street, Withernsea
Pier Hotel on the corner of Bannister Street and Seaside road 1901. (from Paul Richard Hudson)
Bannister street was originally called the Esplanade.



Cheverton Avenue
Cheverton Avenue about 1915.



High Brighton Street
High Brighton Street seen from the promenade.



High Brighton Street
High Brighton Street looking towards the promenade.



Hollym Road, Withernsea
Hollym Road near Victoria Avenue about 1915. Now part of Queen Street. Eaton Villas can be seen on the right.


Hollym Road, Withernsea
Hollym Road from a slightly different angle. (from Jack Whittaker)
The open area to the left later became Westfield Rise and more recently Seacroft home for the elderly.



Hubert Street
Hubert Street, originally named Princes Street. It was renamed to avoid confusion with Princes Avenue at the other end of town.


Hull Road, Withernsea
Hull Road from Queen Street. (from Jack Whittaker)
On the right is the spread Eagle Hotel, and futher back the Primitive Methodist Chapel. The houses to the left were demolished leaving an open space up to number 13 Hull Road.

for more pictures of Hull Road, see Lighthouse



Lacelles Avenue, Withernsea
Lacelles Avenue (from Jack Whittaker)
The houses in Lacelles Avenue were built in the 20s and 30s and were mainly semi detached houses. At the far end is the home of Withernsea Bowls and Tennis Club with a new bowling green to replace the one in Valley Gardens.



Leo Terrace, Withernsea
Leo Terrace taken from Princes Avenue with half the children in the neighbourhood proudly posing for the picture. (from Jack Whittaker)



Marine Parade, Withernsea
Marine Parade 1924 (from Jack Whittaker)


Memorial Avenue

The War Memorial with Memorial Avenue and the Bowling Green in the background. ( from Mike Nicholson)



Pier Road
Pier Road looking towards Queen Street and the station from 1911.



Pier Road
Pier Road and War memorial.



Pier Road and War Memorial
Pier Road and War memorial.


Princes Avenue, Withernsea

Princes Avenue during WW1 (picture from Chris Wood)



Princes Avenue, Withernsa
Princes Avenue looking towards Hollym Road. (picture from Jack Wittaker)
King Street on the right. The shop on the corner was a small grocery store. Larer it became an off-licence, then a corner shop, and is now a private residence.



Princes Avenue
Similar View of Princes Avenue from a slightly different angle and some years later.



Pictures of Queen Street is on a seperate page.



Seaside Road Withernsea
Seaside Road around 1900. (from Jack Whittaker)
To the left you can see Snaps, one of the producers of event cards in Withernsea. They would capture people at play in the resort; the atmosphere of the carnival, or using set pieces on the beach to create "snaps" ready to collect at the end of your holiday.
The building in the centre with the bell tower on top was used as the lifeboat station from 1883 to 1913.



Seaside Road
Seaside Road c1960 Reproduced courtesy of Francis Frith.



South Cliff Road
South Cliff Road looking towards the promenade.



SouthCliff Road
South Cliff Road looking towards Queen Street, approximately 1920.


South Cliff Road Withernsea

South Cliff Road No's 46 to 50 about 1920


Walter Street, Withernsea
Corner of Walter Street and Queen Street 1904. (from Jack Wittaker)
The post office was situated in the shop of Hunter the chemist to the right on this picture.


Waxholm Road, Withernsea
Waxholme Road



Young Street
Young Street with a view of the bandstand. The street crossing it is Bannister Street.


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