Railway and Convalescent House


Withernsea Train Station
Withernsea Railway Station 1905. (Christopher Ketchell Collection, original Photo by Wellsted & Son)
To the left is the Queens Hotel, later to become the Convalescent home. See pictures further down the page.

The railway line was constructed as a single track line between Withernsea and Hull Victoria Dock station. Construction of the line in the flat and open Holderness plain was rapid and the line of 18 miles had it's grand opening on the 27th June 1854. With the railway, commuters were conveyed to work in Hull, but more importantly for the town, it provided a cheap and convenient holiday for Victorian workers and their families who came to Withernsea in their thousands.


Withernsea Train Station
This picture from 1909 shows the railway station with the goods yard and coal depot to the right.


Train Crash Valentines day 1927

Disaster struck on Valentinesday, 14th February 1927. On the approach to Hull Paragon station, the incoming 08:22 from Withernsea to Hull collided head-on with the 09:05 from Hull to Scarborough. Twelve passengers were killed and 24 were seriously injured. This happened despite the tracks having the latest safety features available at the time. (Picture from Hull Daily Mail)

Train Crash 1927

Train crash 14th February 1927



The Arrival of Trippers at Withernsea Train Station
The arrival of trippers at Withernsea Train Station (from Jack Whittaker)
Young barrow boys with homemade carts were in attendance to transport luggage to your chosen venue for a small fee. Some people, especially the children, lingered on the platform to see the engine uncouple, run on the turntable, and then recouple to the opposite end of the carriages ready for the return journey.


Withernsea Turntable
Turntable at the end of the line.
When the train reached Withernsea, the engine was uncoupled, turned by hand, refilled with water and recoupled at the other end of the carriages.



Withernsea Train Station
Withernsea Railway Station early 1900s



Withernsea Train Station
Train at the platform of Withernsea Train Station 1950's (photo by Trevor Baldwin)



Train Derailed

Locomotive no. 43122 was an Ivatt LM Class 4MT which was built on 21 August 1951. It was based at the Hull Dairycoates shed from 21 August 1951 to 22 May 1955 and again from 10 June 1956 to 16th May 1956. It is said to have derailed on the Hull to Withernsea Line, although no record of the accident have been found. (pictures from Janet Lundy)


Withernsea Train Station
An L class 2-6-4T departing for Hull 1956 (from Neville Stead)


Withernsea Train Station
Diesel train ready to depart Withernsea Train Station approx 1960.



Withernsea Train Station
The last passenger train left Withernsea station on 19 October 1964. Goods traffic continued to use the whole line until 3 May 1965.
For several years all that remained was the platform and station building. This picture is from 1978. (Picture from Richard Taylor ?)


Withernsea to Hull by Train Video

Steam Engine in Withernsea Station Video

Hull to Withernsea by Train in colour

1927 Valentine’s Day rail crash



Convalescent House


Convalescent House and station
The Convalescent House was origianlly built in the mid 1850's as the luxurious Queens Hotel. The hotel was never a great success, and
in about 1890 it was purchased by Sir James and Francis Reckitt and presented to the Hull Royal Infirmary and used as a Convalescent Home.
The tall building behind it is the Sanitorium, and the lower building is the old stables and coach house.
The trees in the background are part of the grounds of the Convalescent House, also known as the "Pleasure Gardens"
The gardens included a skating rink and a bowling green. These gardens later gave way to the Grand Pavilion and Minivale.

Withernsea Convalescent HouseConvalescent Home and people arriving at the station. (from Ben Chapman)


Withernsea Convalescent Home
Convalescent House and gardens with St Nicholas church on the left. (from Phil Mathison)



Withernsea Convalescent Home
A view across the front of the Convalescent Home looking towards the station. Occasionally official group photos were taken of the current patients and staff infront of the home. (picture from Jack Whittaker)


Withernsea Sanatorium
The extention at the back of the convalescent home was added around 1900 as a purpose built sanatorium, mainly for the treatment of tuberculosis. The patients can be seen taking in the fresh sea air. The extensive gardens used to be well maintained by garden staff and the patients as part of their treatment.
Later this building became the Doctors surgery and health clinic. (from Jack Whittaker)



Withernsea Hospital
Withernsea Hospital approx 1980.


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