Outdoor Pool


Outdoor Pool, Withernsea
The Outdoor Pool, which was situated at the end of Lee Avenue, was opened in 1911. It was originally filled with sea water, changed on a regular basis using a petrol driven pump. Later the pool was filled with fresh water. (picture from Jack Whittaker)


After the 2nd World War the pool lay derelict. In the early 50's, fund-raising activities were held to re-open the pool. The Cubs/Scouts helped clear the debris out just before renovation works started.


Outdoor Pool
The heated outdoor bathing pool in the 60's.



Photo of Withernsea, Swimming Pool c1965, ref. W177062
Outdoor bathing pool c1965 Reproduced courtesy of Francis Frith.



Photo of Withernsea, Paddling Pool c1965, ref. W177064
A picture taken in the opposite direction, showing the Paddling Pool with the outdoor pool in the background c1965
Reproduced courtesy of Francis Frith.


Outdoor Pool
Postcards of the heated outdoor bathing pool about 1970.


Withernsea Outdoor Pool
Outdoor Pool in the 70's
The man swirling water around him in the middle is probably Jimmy Harris with his brother Andy on his left.
You could get a pass for £1 and leave it behind the desk and go there every day in the summer.
The pool was heated to arround 70°F (about 21°C)

The Dolphins swimming club
The Dolphins swimming club at the outdoor pool in Withernsea 1977 (from Angela Haigh)


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