Update Log

Date Heading and Page Details
4 Dec 2020 Attractions

Added Pier Towers and CCO to attractions
Fixed menu so it works better on mobile devices.

1 Sep 2020 Withernsea Weather Wizard New page for the Wonderful Withernsea Weather Wizard
5 Feb 2020 Pier Plans Pier Plans, funding page and news page updated
28 Jan 2020 Remembrance Day Remembrance day page updated
7 Jan 2020 Boxing Day Dip Boxing Day Dip page updated
27 Jan 2019 Pier Media Pier media page updated with latest newspaper articles
23 Jan 2019 Events Withernsea events updated for 2019
23 Dec 2018 Groups Updated list of groups and clubs in Withernsea
11 Nov 2018 Remembrance Day Page added for Remembrance Day, various other event updates
15 July 2018 Maps Various updates to walking and cycling maps around Withernsea
16 Apr 2018 Pier Association Various updates to the Withernsea Pier pages
Feb 2018 Fossil Furlongs 5 pages about the new fossil trail in Withernsea
2 Nov 2017 Pier Media New page for Pier media coverage
12 May 2017 Pier Sponsors New page for Withernsea Pier Sponsors
9 Dec 2016 Events - Christmas Lights New event page for Christmas Lights Switch on
26 Oct 2016 Directory - Business Directory Updated page layout and fixed print layout
25 Oct 2016 Events - Picture Boards Updated page for the Historic Pictures Boards
27 July 2016 Events - Bathing Machines New page for Bathing Machines in Withernsea
3 July 2016 Pier New pages for the Pier and Withernsea Pier Association
30 June 2016 Home Website updated with new CSS code for page layout
12 May 2016 Directory - Business Directory Pictures added to Business Directory
23 Apr 2016 Accomodations Updated Pictures and information
24 Feb 2016 History - Promenade and Pier Added Architects drawings of the Withernsea Pier
2 Feb 2016 Groups - Local Groups Updated list of Groups and Clubs in Withernsea
6 Jan 2016 Directory - Business Directory Updated Directory listings and added a search box
9 Nov 2015 Events - Fireworks WRCG Firework Extravaganza
9 Nov 2015 Groups - Other Groups Added pictures of Withernsea fire station crew.
18 Sep 2015 Events-Bike Fest New page for the Bike Fest Event
14 Sep 2015 Events-Water Safety Day New page for the Water Safety Day
02 Aug 2015 Events-Fun Run and Race Added pictures from 5 Mile race and 3km Fun Run 2015
19 Jul 2015 Maps-Withernsea from Above Added pictures from top of the Lighthouse
16 Apr 2015 Events - Other events Withernsea Beacon
26 Mar 2015 History - Lighthouse and lifeboat More pictures added of the lifeboat
16 Mar 2015 Maps - Historical Maps Several more old Maps of Withernsea added to page
27 Jan 2015 Groups - Other Groups Some more group photos added
26 Dec 2014 Events - Boxing Day Dip Added pictures for Boxing Day Dip 2014
17 Oct 2014 History - Schools New Page for the Withernsea Schools
10 Oct 2014 History - Churches and Chapels Page updated, new pictures. Grave index for St Nicholas graveyard
05 Sep 2014 Groups - Notable People New page added for Notable People with connection to Withernsea
05 Sep 2014 Directory - Update Log This Update log added
04 Sep 2014 Attractions - Day Trips Added new destinations and updated some links
01 Sep 2014 Groups - Local Groups New Groups added, some information updated
13 Aug 2014 History - Queen Street Added more old pictures of Queen Street and put into seperate page
21 July 2014 Events - Withernsea Carnival Pictures added for the 2014 carnival
21 June 2010   Withernsea1 website first online