Central Promenade and Pier


Withernsea Beach and promenade 1915
Central promenade and beach 1915.
The Central promenade, constructed in 1911, finally linked the Pier towers to the rest of the promenade.


Central Promenade
Central Promenade. (photo courtesy of Paul Gibson )


Withernsea Central Promenade and beach

Central Promenade


Withernsea beach
Central promenade and beach looking towards pier towers.



Withernsea beach
Central promenade and beach from the boat ramp.



Postcard of Withernsea beach
Entertainment on Withernsea beach.




Promenade and big wheel
Central promenade and big wheel.



Withernsea Pier

Pictures of the old Withernsea Pier have been moved to Pier History


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