Historic Picture Boards

Large versions of the 27 pictures below are displayed at the site of the old Teddy's night club just south of the pier towers in Withernsea.

Withernsea Pier 1880

Withernsea Pier seen from the north summer 1880. In the centre of the picture is the sweeping curve of central promenade streching from Northgate to Seaside road. Down on the beach near the pier are four victorian bathing machines.


Withernsea Beach

A packed Withernsea beach arround 1910. The Catlins Royal Pierrots are on stage entertaining the crowds. The magnificent bandstand can be seen at the end of Young Street. (Picture curtesy Wendy Graves)


Withernsea Lighthouse

The iconic Withernsea Lighthouse on Hull Road around 1900.
The lighthouse was built during 1892 and 1893, over a period of just 18 months. It was opened on 1st March 1894, sadly too late to save the pier. The lighthouse is built of bricks and concrete in an octagonal shape, although the inside of the lighthouse is round.  It stands at 120 feet high with a huge weathervane on top, and is the only lighthouse with a town between itself and the sea. The light is 113 feet above the ground and was first lit in March 1894. For 82 years the lighthouse guided ships to safety before it was finally turned off in July 1976.


Withernsea Central Promenade 1915

Central Promenade and beach in 1915. The swings on the beach was a permanent feature. (Picture curtesy Wendy Graves)


Withernsea Boating Mere

The boating lake and big whele were part of the pleasure grounds. Established after the 2nd WW, it was a popular attraction for locals and visitors.


Withernsea Train Station

This composit image of Withernsea Railway Station shows the crowd on the main platform, the turntable at the end of the line and a steam engine ready to leave. The last image shows the crowds looking at a locomotive that over ran the track and ended up on Queen Street.


Aerial view of Withernsea

Aerial view of Withernsea in 1948 (picture from Britainfromabove.org.uk)


North Promenade and Bandstand, Withernsea

North Promenade and Bandstand around 1930.


Withernsea Fire Service

Withernsea Fire Service outside the Municipal buildings about 1955


Central Promenade Withernsea

Valley Gardens and Central Promenade seen from the top of the big wheel about 1957.


Pier Road, Withernsea

Pier Road seen from the Pier Towers looking towards the railway station ca 1900.


Coronation Service, Withernsea 1911

Coronation Service 1911


The original promenade in Withernsea

The first section of the promenade in Withernsea late 19th century. At this stage, the promenade was not connected to the pier towers.


Promenade Gardens Withernsea 1912

When Withernsea Mere drained due to coastal errosion, it left a depression in the landskape. Sheltered from the wind, a formal garden was constructed in this depression and was opened in 1910. The above picture of Promenade Gardens (Valley Gardens) is from 1912.


Withernsea Sands 1930s

Withernsea Sands 1930s. Even at high tide, the sea did not reach the promenade and features like the swings could be left on the beach.


Barrow Boys Withernsea

The Barrow boys waiting at the railway station for customers. (Picture from the Lighthouse Museum)
In the barrows:Tom Lockwood, Mick Lockwood, Tony Littlewood, Colin Simpson and David Binks
On top: Ronnie Binks  and Frank Windass. The two people in the background are Shiela Allhouse and her brother.


Valley Gardens Withernsea

Valley Gardens 1950s. In the background the very popular Redferns Fish & Chips Restaurant


View of Withernsea from the church tower

View of Withernsea from the Church tower. Railway station in the forground, Piggy lane going across the fields.


North cliff and promenade Withernsea

North Cliff and Promenade ca 1910.


Central Promenade Withernsea 1950

Central Promenade about 1950


Withernsea Railway Station

Withernsea Railway Station ca 1900. Queens Hotel to the right, and in the background the Pier towers.


Italian Gardens Withernsea

The Italian Gardens 1920s. Cheverton Brown's Castle in the background where these pictures are now displayed. Later the Castle became the site for the Esplanade Plaza in the 40's and 50's, then it became the Sun Lounge, and finally in the late 70's it turned into to Teddy's nightclub.


Withernsea Pier 1880

Withernsea Pier 1880.


Withernsea Lifeboat crew ca 1900

The Withernsea Lifeboat Admiral Rous and her crew in 1893 (Picture from Paul Baker)
The three men standing on the carriage:C.Hogg, unknown, Harry Hogson. Crew standing: Mr Rees (Lighthouse keeper), Dr Sproule, Chris Gallagher, Peter Parkinson, Horatio Harriman Ayre, George Hogson, George Bishop, Jack Drewery, unknown, P.C. Calam.


Queens Promenade Withernsea

Queens Promenade 1930s which is the promenade just to the right of where this picture is displayed.


South Cliff Road boat ramp

The south end of Queen's Promenade culminated in the South Cliff Road Slipway. Picture from about 1930. This is now the slipway used by the Withernsea Lifeboat Station on south cliff road.


Withernsea Beach composite




How the picture boards were made

Picture Boards in Withernsea

Following a fire at the old Teddy's night club, the building was eventually demolished and boards put arround the derelict
site to protect the public.


Picture Boards in Withernsea

A suggestion was made in 2015 to install historic pictures of Withernsea along the hording boards as the above mock up shows.
After many meetings and much planning, it was agreed that Withernsea Big Local would fund the project,
Torkel and Phil would obtain the pictures, and get them printed on 8x5ft boards, and also paint and deliver the burgundy picture borders.
East Riding of Yorkshire Council would put the pictures up.


Picture Boards in Withernsea

Borders painted in burgundy ready to be mounted arround the pictures.

Picture Boards in Withernsea

First picture board arives on site 18th July 2016.


Picture Boards in Withernsea

Second picture being mounted on the hording boards.


Picture boards being put up in Withernsea

Third picture carefully brought out to be mounted.


First 5 Picture Boards in place

The first 5 pictures up and ready for the local residents and general public to enjoy.
(Picture courtesy of Terry Bearpark)


Borders for pictures

Some of the 150 meters of borders that were painted burgundy in the council greenhouse ready for the remaining 22 pictures.


Picture Boards Phase II

First three pictures of Phase II mounted on the hordings in April 2017. The pictures were printed and delivered by AMsigns in Hull and mounted by JP contracted by ERYC.


Picture Boards at Teddys in Withernsea

More of the picture boards being put up for the public to enjoy.


Historic Picture Boards Withernsea

The finished product. Can you find the ghost dog ? Go and take a look.