Valley Gardens

Skating on Withernsea Mere 1907
Skating on Withernsea Mere 1907.


Start of Valley Gardens Withernsea
Early picture of the Withernsea Mere before it was made into the Promenade Gardens (from Hidden Holderness)



Valley Gardens
When Withernsea Mere drained due to the coastal errosion, it left a depression in the landskape. Sheltered from the wind, a formal garden was constructed in this depression and was opened in 1910. Photo courtesy of Paul Gibson


Valley Gardens Withernsea 1910
Another picture of Valley Gardens looking towards seaside road. (from Jack Whittaker)


Valley Gardens 1912
Valley Gardens about 1912 with the bandstand added to the middle.


Valley Gardens, Withernsea about 1920
A view of Valley Gardens around 1920. The Octagon Cafe has been added in the far corner. During the 2nd World War a lone bomber came in over Withernsea and dropped 3 bombs. The first hit the beach, the second hit the Octagon Cafe, and the third landed in Queen Street.


Valley Gardens
Valley Gardens 1940's. The building to the left housed a public convenience block, deckchair store and a flat to accomodate seasonal workers. Later a small clock tower was added to the building.


Valley Gardens
Valley gardens in the 50's had a bowling green and tennis courts.

Photo of Withernsea, Crazy Golf Green c1960, ref. W177042
Valley Gardens with Crazy Golf Green c1960 Reproduced courtesy of Francis Frith.


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