Water Safety Day and Raft Race

Water safety day 2018 pre race water baloon and flour fight

Water safety day 2018 pre raft race water baloon and flour fight

Withernsea Raft Race 2018

And the teams are off.... (picture by Bob Mann Photography)

Raft Race 2018

At the half way mark The Fire Brigade are just ahead of the Withernsea Pier and Promenade Association....

Raft Race 2018

The Pier Associations team rush ashore just seconds in front of the Firebrigade team,
ending the Fire brigades 10 year winning streak in the Withernsea raft race.




Water safety day 2016

Water safety day 2016 pre race water baloon and flour fight


Water safety day 2016And they're off !


Water safety day 2016

The Firebrigade crew head in for another victory while the RLNI keep a watchfull eye


Water Safety Day 2015The Dacota flies along Withernsea Beach on Water Safety day 2015.


Water Safety Day 2015Dakota Flyby


Water Safety Day 2015Emergency Services open to the public on the promenade.



Water Safety Day 2015Water Baloon fight before the race 2015.


Withernsea Raft Race 2015The fire brigade crew of to an early lead....


Withernsea Raft Race 2015Closely followed by the other teams.


Withernsea Raft Race 2015Not as easy as it looks !


Withernsea Raft Race 2015Teams race to the marker bouy.


Withernsea Raft Race 2015Some teams heading back while others are still heading out.


Withernsea Raft Race 2015Two teams racing for the finish line


Withernsea Raft Race 2015Fire brigade make it ashore first, closely followed by the Dauntless team.


Withernsea Raft Race 2015Everyone has made it back ashore safely.


Spurn LifeboatSpurn Lifeboat heads back to base.