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The Wizard says ...

I bet you thought that ‘www’ stood for the World Wide Web.
No! Of course it does not!  It means the one and only Withernsea Weather Wizard.
So hello to my wandpage on the Withernsea1 website.

You may ask, where did The Withernsea Weather Wizard come from? Let me tell you…..

Long have been my days, and they go back aeons, to the time of Doggerland, many millennia ago. In that far off era, I moved from settlement to settlement, dispensing cures and timely advice. When Doggerland was inundated by the North Sea after the last Ice Age, I came to reside in the low lands south of the promontory which is now known as Flamborough Head. In the Dark Ages, the ancient kings of Northumbria, as this region was known by then, sought me out for my wise counsel and guidance.

After the Normans overwhelmed the land a thousand years ago, the new rulers of the land journeyed to my humble dwelling for instruction. It was at this time that my wisdom was further forged in the crucible of the courts of these ancient lords of Holderness. This knowledge was finally distilled by researching and embracing the legends and mysteries of the Lost Lands of the Yorkshire Coast. All this enlightenment is now available to you at my portal on the north wall of the compound on the Italian Gardens, facing Memorial Gardens in central Withernsea. Come and visit me some day soon.

People often ask me, where do I live now?
In the cloud. You can visit me right here on the Withernsea1 website.

I have also been asked if I will grant wishes.
At first I was reluctant, but after much persuasion, I agreed to perform this task, on the condition that no one knows my real name. So please feel free to make a wish at my portal, but you will only see it granted if you can guess my real name first, and remember - be careful what you wish for!

Incidentally, did you know that in the last century, Withernsea was promoted on the basis that it was the sunniest and driest resort in northern England? So come and experience this right now. The WWW says ‘whatever the weather, weather it’s sunny, or weather it’s cloudy, Withernsea is the place to be!’


The Wizard’s story

Come hear a story so seldom told
About a wizard, so very old
He came to be in ancient days
In a land obscured by purple haze
Which explains his cloak’s most vivid shade
And why the colour didn’t fade

 .... but back to the story ....

Eons later, much time had passed
The weather took on a chilly blast
All of a sudded, in a trice
Everywhere was covered in ice
The wise old wizard, in a rage
Used spells against this great ice age
So the ice did melt and below it lay
A land formed out of boulder clay
What is it’s name, you may well guess
The land we know as Holderness

  .... the wizard looks after the Lords of Holderness ....

With his advice the Lords ruled well
Or so the ancient scrolls do tell
The wizard looked after everyone
And made sure that there was lots of sun
To help cultivate their precious seeds
To cater well for all their needs

 .... time for the wizard to go ....

More years have passed, how time does fly
The wizard says a sad goodbye
He was promised to another land
He had to go, you understand
But one day surely he’ll come home
Just scan the QR code on your phone!